Opioid-Related Treatment, Interventions, and Outcomes Among Incarcerated Persons: A Systematic Review

This is an academic paper review that gives a summary of opioid-related interventions delivered before, during, and after incarceration internationally. Findings suggest that correctional facilities should scale up medications for opioid use disorder among incarcerated persons with opioid use disorder, which would likely decrease opioid-related overdose and mortality, reduce opioid use and other risky behaviors during and after incarceration, and improve retention in addiction treatment after prison release.

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Medications for Opioid Use Disorder
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Malta, M., Varatharajan, T., Russell, C., Pang, M., Bonato, S., Fischer, B. (2019). Opioid-related treatment, interventions, and outcomes among incarcerated persons: A systematic review. PLoS Med. 16(12), e1003002. 

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