How to Use This Site

What can your community do to address the opioid crisis?

The purpose of Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector is to help answer this question. We provide a searchable database of current program models, program selection tools, and community feedback on what works.

What interventions are most appropriate given the target population and my stakeholder role?

Go to the Program Models section to find examples of relevant programs now underway. These programs can serve as valuable guides in crafting your community's response. Related resources are included for each program model.

Use filters to narrow down the list. Filters include:

  • response approach
  • stakeholders
  • continuum of care
  • and more

How can I help build a strong and comprehensive community response?

Use the Community Response section:

How can I find quantifiable data to inform my community's needs and policy selection?

The Data and Mapping section provides information on:

Where can I find additional resources relevant to addressing the opioid crisis?

The Additional Resources section contains a curated list of external resources focused on the opioid crisis: