A Brief Telephone-Delivered Peer Intervention to Encourage Enrollment in Medication for Opioid Use Disorder in Individuals Surviving an Opioid Overdose: Results from a Randomized Pilot Trial

This is an academic paper which discusses the results of a peer recovery support service telephone intervention that aimed to encourage enrollment in medication for opioid use disorder, and decrease the risk for recurring opioid overdoses. The targeted population in this study was individuals who had had an opioid overdose in the last six months, and the intervention received provided personally tailored opioid overdose prevention education and naloxone distribution. The study found that participants who received the intervention were significantly less likely to experience a recurring opioid overdose compared to participants who did not. 

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Winhusen, T., Wilder, C., Kropp, F., Theobald, J., Lyons, M. S., & Lewis, D. (2020). A brief telephone-delivered peer intervention to encourage enrollment in medication for opioid use disorder in individuals surviving an opioid overdose: Results from a randomized pilot trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence216, 108270.