New Hampshire’s Recovery Friendly Workplace

A state initiative that seeks to change the workplace to an environment that will prevent substance use disorder, provide early intervention and treatment, and support employees in recovery

The New Hampshire’s Recovery Friendly Workplace is a state initiative that challenges stigma and empowers workplaces to provide support for employees in recovery and all those impacted by substance use disorder (SUD). The initiative recognizes that substance use costs the state more than $2.3 billion with employers incurring 66% of this cost through impaired productivity and absenteeism. 

Launched in 2018, the program encourages healthy and safe working environments where employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create positive change, eliminate stigma, and support recovery. Employers and employees can receive no-cost training on substance misuse, behavioral health, addiction, and workplace policies and their business can be designated and recognized as a recovery friendly workplace. The initiative also provides customized trainings, among these include how to use naloxone and the impact of stigma. 

This state initiative has gotten nationwide attention as a promising model. Recovery friendly workplaces have now been replicated in other states, such as Nevada and Connecticut

Employers incur 66% of the cost of substance use through impaired productivity and absenteeism.

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Housing, Education, and Employment
Overdose prevention

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