Removing Abuse-Prone Prescription Medication from Fueling the National Opioid Crisis Through Community Engagement and Surgeon Leadership: Results of a Local Drug Take-Back Event

This is an academic paper that evaluates a community prescription medication take-back/drug disposal drive that was led by surgeons in a city in Michigan. Results were impressive as a total of 74,363 dosing units of unused medication, most commonly hydrocodone (an opioid), were brought in from the homes of 104 event participants. Those surveyed who took part in the event indicated that unused opioids were frequently available in homes with children or youth. This initiative was co-led by Michigan OPEN

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Moustarah, F., Desai, J.P., Blebea, J. (2019). Removing abuse-prone prescription medication from fueling the national opioid crisis through community engagement and surgeon leadership: results of a local drug take-back event. Surgery Open Science, 2(1), 34-41.

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