One Opioid User Saving Another: The First Study of an Opioid Overdose-Reversal and Naloxone Distribution Program Addressing Hard-to-Reach Drug Scenes in Denmark

This is an academic paper that describes an overdose education and naloxone distribution intervention to train opioid users and those who will come into frequent contact with opioid users, such as first responders, who, in turn, train others. There is also a focus on outreach to high-risk populations in this paper. 

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Thylstrup, B., Hesse, M., Jørgensen, M., Thiesen, H. (2019). One opioid user saving another: the first study of an opioid overdose-reversal and naloxone distribution program addressing hard-to-reach drug scenes in Denmark. Harm Reduction Journal, 16(66), 1-9.  

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