Local Policy and Programmatic Activity to Address the US Opioid Crisis: A Cross-Sectional Survey of County Governments

This is an academic paper that uses a survey of county governments to determine what opioid policy and programmatic activities local governments are implementing and which activities are more challenging to implement. Having police officers carry naloxone and establishing a task force of community leaders were easier to implement, and establishing needle exchanges and allowing arrest alternatives for opioid offenses were more challenging to implement. 

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Syringe service program / Needle exchange
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Swann, W.L., Schreiber, T.L., Wright, S.L., Davis, M.W., Kim, S., Kim, S.Y., Osei-Kojo, A., Lamiotte, M. (2020). Local Policy and Programmatic Activity to Address the US Opioid Crisis. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Volume Publish Ahead of Print. Doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000001194