Welcome to the Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector

Tools and program models to empower your community's response to the opioid crisis 

The Opioid Resource Connector assists communities in mounting a comprehensive response to the opioid crisis.  It is a product of Brandeis Opioid Policy Research Collaborative.

We provide a curated collection of community-focused programs, tools, and resources to help stakeholders choose, design, and implement essential interventions.

Getting Started

Explore Program Models

The heart of the Brandeis Opioid Research Connector is our curated list of program models ongoing in a wide range of communities that address the many aspects of the opioid crisis. 

Visit the up-to-date selection of program models. You can filter the list by criteria such as intervention type, stakeholder type, target population, and response approach.

Strengthen Your Community Response

Use the community response tool to prioritize programs and policies that best fit your community in addressing the opioid crisis.

Improve your community response by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.

We feature highlights from innovative and effective programs and invite you to share your program.  

View Data and Maps

Use data to help determine community-specific needs and inform your program and policy selection.

We provide Data and Mapping pages that link to relevant national, state, and community-level data. The section covers the scope of the opioid crisis, treatment availability, and other information and maps useful in addressing this public health emergency.

Access External Resources

Resources relevant to addressing the opioid crisis include: